Fyre  Byrd are  guitarist/vocalist Joshua  and female  drummer, Daniella. The  brother,  sister  two piece  formed at  the beginning  of 2017, although they  have spent  time on the road extensively touring nationally and internationally  in other projects.

Based  in Adelaide, Fyre  Byrd have  taken advantage  of the chemistry  they have built over  the years and  make their presence  known with animalistic drums  and heavily  distorted guitar  that drive the melodic  energy of their songs,  alongside Joshua’s vocals.

The Australian  duo’s sound  moulds the rock  dynamism  of the likes  of The White Stripes  and Muse. “From  the opening  track, there was  no doubt in our minds  these rockers weren’t  just here  to play a set,  they wanted to leave  us gasping for air as they  sucked  it  from  our lungs!  There were no  nerves on stage  as Fyre Byrd tore  through  their set,  song after song  bringing high energy, electrifying  rock and roll  for the generation  of today.” - All  Over Adelaide