So many Australian bands have come and gone unnoticed over the past 20 years , some intentionally ignored and some held in high esteem and some have punters shaking there heads in disbelief that a band with so much potential disappears quicker than it arrived , Well Move Trees had the potential to fit into all of these categories.

Hailing from Sydney circa 2008 in a few short months they slammed out a killer self titled EP and left there legacy with two national tours and an unfinished album that ended up locked in a vault and someone has lost the key.

Well GRR has resurrected this once called "Organic Anarchy of a band" and are proud to release there Self titled EP on our label for the first time …The band featured many legends of the Aussie rock scene from a collection of some of most loved bands with our very own Steve Balbi on Guitar and Vocals , Scott Aplin on Keys and Vocals , Doug Aplin on Bass and the formidable Peter Skelton on Drums this band imploded leaving a country literally wanting more and more so we have decided to give them something all these years later and as far as we are concerned great bands and great songs stand the test of time and MOVE TREES prove that nearly 10 years on.

The MOVE TREES EP will be the first in a series of releases from the immensely rich and brilliant back catalogue of bands that featured Steve Balbi showing his depth and clarity mixed with Art and heart.

Move Trees have stunned,challenged and literally moved audiences around Australia with their powerful and unpredictable sound. They have an ability to take you places you may, or may not want to go, but you go anyway and you come back, again and again.




MOVE TREES EP coming to the GRR shop within days, stay tuned!

ORGANIC ANARCHY would be a way of describing this fearless Sydney sound.

New York journalist Justin Defreece

It was a small venue that just got bigger and bigger and silenced even this hardened reviewer.

Drum media Jenna Thomson

An absolutely unbelievable music experience to hear you guys live! thanks for everything! Cheers!!


I was finally able to get to a Move Trees gig - it certainly won't be the last. You guys are incredible, can't wait for the album.


Well I was told you guys were amazing, but last night I witnessed it for myself. Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Last night was astonishing.. Fuckin yeah!! We all left better people than we arrived.. *smiles* ROCK!!!