The Plastic Fingers are a hard hitting power trio, with Spook on Guitar, Vocals and Sonic Waves, Silverback on Bass, vocals and Viking Horns, and George and on drums, vocals and general hitting of other things. Initially inspired by the great three pieces of the last several decades, the name itself was born from Hendrix’ lyrics from “If 6 was 9”: ! !

“White coloured conservative !
Drivin’ down the street,!
Pointing that plastic finger at me.”! !!

The Plastic Fingers are a true three piece band, seeking to bridge many powerful influences into an original tour de force. Not scared to experiment with modern techniques, its all about the groove. The Band have spent the last year in the studio producing their first LP, “The Blessed”, with musical journeys exploring heavy blues, funk and groove entwined with their ever present love for thumping rock.! !

The music is accompanied closely by a barrage of visual narrative. Artwork done by the Silverback with his Viking Horns on. The art is deeply connected to the power triangle speeding like an arrowhead into your deepest psychedelic vision.! !

This project is fused within the Golden Robot Family towards the Moon. ! The Plastic Fingers are coming to your space soon!