Steve Balbi has a reputation not only as a beautiful singer / songwriter and an unparalleled front man but also has a loyal following and grounded real life songs that have left audiences across the globe gasping for breath. He has transcended generations in acts like The Electric Hippies, Noiseworks,Universe,Move Trees,Mi-Sex and recently in a brand new band called Moon. Steve Is in touch with the raw magic needed that makes people love and need live music.He is held in high regard across the Australian music industry and has also been credited with some magnificent producing credits to his name.

The great news we can officialy announce is his incredible 2014 debut solo album BLACK RAINBOW is about to be reissued with some extra goodies for his loyal fans including demos , lost tracks and a new song , it captures Balbi at his most engaging It is contenting, It’s memorable, It’s pensive and It’s magical. The lyrics connect in a special way with the listener. They provoke emotion from the listener, they overwhelm the listener and they engulf them entirely and at times blast you into the heavens.

We are also happy to announce that Steve’s follow up solo album is in the works and so far it is exceeding all our expectations , get ready for another journey into his mind , soul and heart , and with Moon’s album release and new material from Mi-Sex and Noiseworks in 2016 , this will be a pinnacle year for this industry veteran who is admired and loved by generations of fans.



Image9086_3At last! Steve Balbi's amazing Black Rainbow album is proudly available in the GRR Store.BUY BLACK RAINBOW ALBUM

Sep 4