Last Temptation

The first important step has been mastered effortlessly; now Last Temptation are going the whole hog. Following their successful album debut and enthusiastic reviews in countless music rags, shows with bands such as Dream Theater, plus festivals such as Hellfest, the band surrounding guitarist Peter Scheithauer (Killing Machine, Belladonna, Temple of Brutality) and vocalist Butcho Vukovic (Watcha) is all set to embark on the second stage of its career in summer 2021. Last Temptation have signed a new recording deal with Golden Robot Records and are ready to present four new singles between June 2021 and January 2022, followed by their brand-new album Ashes ’N’ Fire in February 2022. The first single ‘I Don`t Wanna Be Your God’ (supported by a video clip) will be out in June, followed by title track ‘Ashes ’N’ Fire’ in September, with the third single ‘Stronger Than Fate’ scheduled for a November release, and the fourth lead single ‘Main Attraction’ expected to be out in mid- January, shortly before the arrival of the new album. “You can feel that we’ve made a major step forward, both as a live band and as songwriters, thanks to the shows we’ve played so far,” Scheithauer rejoices over his band’s remarkable development.

Ashes ’N’ Fire benefits mainly from the new material’s broader stylistic range. Scheithauer: “Our classic hard rock definitely features a wider selection of styles. The Ozzy Osbourne influence, which we didn’t want to deny on our debut, is still there, but in addition there are also a number of more modern tracks, plus two fast numbers and a Kiss-style song. Last Temptation didn’t feature such a wide variety of musical directions. Listening to the material, you can hear that the new line-up practiced the songs intensively at the rehearsal room, which makes them sound absolutely homogeneous and cohesive.”

Talking of the new line-up: In bassist Julien Rimaire (Los Dissidentes Del Sucio Motel) and drummer Vince Brisach (Mitch Ryder), Scheithauer and Vukovic have a whole new rhythm section supporting them on Ashes ’N’ Fire. While Last Temptation’s self-titled debut still boasted a number of international guests, such as Bob Daisley, Vinny Appice, Stet Howland, James Lomenzo, Don Airey and Rudy Sarzo, the band now consists exclusively of European musicians. “This step was necessary to make Last Temptation more flexible when it comes to the organizational side,” explains Scheithauer. “The new line-up makes it so much easier to rehearse spontaneously, play gigs at short notice and prepare album productions.”

No doubt about it: Last Temptation have grown into an even tighter unit, musically as well as logistically, and are positively bursting with enthusiasm. The songwriting team consisting of Scheithauer and Vukovic came up with 16 tracks for Ashes ’N’ Fire, eleven of which have made it onto the album, ranging from uptempo numbers such as ‘Stronger Than Fate’ and ‘Free Strong And Loud’ to the Black Sabbath-esque ‘Going Crazy’ and the ballad‘In The Mirror’. The choice of subjects covered by songwriter Vukovic on the new offering is similarly interesting. Scheithauer: ’I Don`t Wanna Be Your God’, for example, has God addressing mankind to explain that he no longer feels responsible for them due to the alarming way they have been treating each other. He says, ‘Sorry, but I’m giving up’!”

A clear contrast to the band’s philosophy, especially with regard to their fans. Scheithauer: “At our shows, we always pay close attention to what kind of songs go down best with our audience, which is something that Ashes ’N’ Fire definitely benefits from. Our upcoming tours – which will hopefully happen soon – will prove how well the new numbers fit into our live set. I hope we’ll see you when we’re back on tour!”