BITE is the perfect name for this group of veterans of the San Francisco’s underground scene:

Their unique style of “Punk ‘n’ Roll” has its roots in old- school punk acts that range from The Cramps to the NY Dolls.

The band rips a chunk from the past and chomps down on the future, bringing a no-holds-barred attack with just enough melody to keep it fun for their fans and the unsuspecting public at large.

Influences Dead Boys and Stiv in general. Sleepless nights, Ramones, Life in the fast lane, IGGY, smoky bars and clubs, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Thunders, Broken hearts but not dreams, The Cramps, The Fab Mab, CBGB [RIP], Russ Meyer, John Waters, W.O.W.[RIP], Livin’ in the Mission S.F., Hotrods, Goin’ fast and livin’ hard, Bukowski, Jim Carroll, New York City, Patti Smith, Amsterdam, Goin’ over the edge and livin’ to tell…, Blondie and DEBBIE Harry, strip clubs, Velvet Underground all the other usual suspects, and everybody who’s gone after what they want with a vengeance and lust for you know what!


While the band has gone through several incarnations, the current line up –consisting of mainstays CHELSEA ROSE (x- White Trash Debutantes) on Vox, and KEITH MUELLER (formerly of Pop ‘o’ Pies & House of Wheels) on Guitar– has remained stable, the band has solidified with current bassist JON BASMAJIAN (x-Nightcrawlers) and Eric Borst (He Who Cannot Be Named, Flipper) on drums. 

After a short run punctuated by a brief layoff in the early part of their career, BITE lately has been chewing up Norcal with shows from Reno to the South Bay in support of notables like THE BATUSIS (with heroes SYLVAIN SYLVAIN & CHEETAH CHROME), MICHAEL MONROE (HANOI ROCKS) along with contemporaries like THE SPITTIN’ COBRAS and TEXAS TERRI.


Bite is:

Chelsea Rose - Vocals

Keith Mueller - Guitar

Jon Basmajian - Bass

Eric Borst - Drums