Born Sick

Record Label: Die Laughing

Vancouver, WA

The Band is:

Becky - Vocals

Nate - Guitar 

Brian - Guitar

David - Bass

Ryan - Drums

​​Born Sick is a hardcore punk band residing in Vancouver, WA made up of transplants from all over the west coast. They came together through their mutual admiration for playing fast and loud no other way to say it!

Born Sick believe that with their music and social actions can make a true difference. The band furthered these actions by creating actionable goals. The first was getting the music recorded and actually be heard on there self-released “other side of the tracks” and started getting real recognition on the west coast Washington, Oregon and California. 

Born Sick sent in some music to Die Laughing Radio podcast and got some airplay DLR/BS reached out to each other and on a whim DLR ask them to right a Die Laughing Records song about the label in 24 hours it was recorded, mixed and master and is played as a opening to DLRadio.

Born Sick was signed to Die Laughing Records!

Born Sick and Raw Power split digital single “Sick with Power” drop on July 19th 2019

Born Sick digital single “We are All Trash” drop on October 25th 2019

2020 Born sick is going back into the studio to record and there heading to Rebellion UK in August.