Born Sick is 5-piece hardcore punk band residing in Vancouver, WA made up of transplants from all over the west coast.

They came together through their mutual admiration for playing fast as fuck and an all-to-familiar backstory of the junkie scumbag lifestyle gone sober.

Now with their heads on straight (ish) and having joined the working class they pound the highways looking for places to unleash their unique brand of musical aggression.

While the global community pleads for peace and harmony Born Sick force feeds you a loud and hard-hitting sonic assault while earning disapproval from moms and hipsters everywhere.

This band might excite fans of Raw Power, The Virus, Poison Idea, Broken Bones, A Global Threat and anything else that inspires you to go apeshit and rob a bank!

Born Sick is:

Becky - Vocals

Nate - GuitarĀ 

Brian - Guitar

David - Bass

Ryan - Drums