Glitter Trash

Record Label: Die Laughing

Los Angeles, CA

The Band is:

Jenna James Mullins - Front

Drew Champion - Lead Guitar

Jesus A. Rauda - Bass Guitar

Max D’Anda – Drums

​GLITTER TRASH is a punk subculture influenced rock band that originated from Detroit’s apocalyptic post-industrial streets. The band brings the audience hard driving rock reminiscent of the sounds coming out of late 1970‘s New York and London punk scenes.

Their wild, spontaneous, high energy, and in-your-face live stage shows draw comparisons to their musical forefathers “The Stooges” and “MC5”.

GLITTER TRASH formed in 2010 and has gained a loyal fan base here in the states and abroad.

They have toured throughout the USA and UK, played the prestigious Rebellion Festival in Blackpool England several time between 2014-2018 

Glitter Trash released their first critically acclaimed self-released album, “Wreckage”, in 2011.

Glitter Trash second official release in 2017, “Basquiat (Monkey Man)” on New Fortune Records #033 split-single with “The Dogs”. In 2018 Detroit Records released the digital single of Hustlin’ + “Choppers/Can’t Sleep”.

Signed on September 30th 2019 to Die Laughing Records (Alameda, CA). The band worked very hard and fast to get in the recording studio to knock out two brand new recordings that came out less than a month later on October 18th, 2019. Die Laughing Records released a new stronger recording of “Hustlin’” & new track “Whirlwind” and were released as a Digital 7”.

2020 is Glitter Trash 10th anniversary and the band is currently recording their second full length album in Burbank, CA.