Hot Laundry

Hot Laundry is a San Francisco outfit that is kicking out a fresh new take on our

beloved rock n roll.

Lead singer Janette Lopez will help you forget your worries and have you howling at

the moon by the end of the night.

Backed up by her always lovely backup singers and dancers. Ileath Bridges and Gena

Serey are 100% genuine rock n roll. Sending you back to the 1960s bad girl garage

band days.

The band is dishing out hi-octane rock n roll with hints of Motown, revved up guitars

in the vein of MC5, and a heavy dash of delta boogie.

Hot Laundry is serving up working class music. With lyrics reflecting hard work, hard

times, love, and dancing all night. -Hot Laundry is rock n roll for your soul.


Band Members

Janette Lopez - Lead Vocals

Ileath Bridges - Backup Vocals

Gena Serey - Backup Vocals

Grady Hord - Guitar, Keyboards, Backup Vocals

Casey Gallagher - Bass Guitar

Mark Mortensen - Drums