The Next was formed by Mike Tringali and Brittley Black (Crime and The Readymades).

Their first live performance was Halloween night in 1978 at the Mabuhay Gardens, with Crimeheadlining and the first performances of both Pearl Harbor and The Explosions and a then unknown band called The Dead Kennedys.

The band was fashioned with the concept known as “Dixie Mod,” a nod to The Who and Colonel Sanders. They were also substantially influenced by the evil God PoPo and Mai Tai cocktails. The band’s fashion sense required dressing sharp with Cuban heels, 10-gallon hats and the colors pink and black.

The original line up included Mike (guitar/ vocals) Brittley (drums), John San Filippo (bass) and Jimmy Crucifix (guitar). The band played regularly at The Mabuhay Gardens and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Various spectacles have included impromptu musical instrument destruction, a New Year’s party on April Fool’s Day, chickens dressed in top hats, bow ties and walking canes, and inciting a small riot necessitating the appearance of the sheriff’s department outside a bar in Santa Cruz.

Jimmy Crucifix eventually left due to dress code issues, and the band continued as a trio. John San Filippo would later depart for a career in the CIA, replaced by Frank Ventura on bass and vocals.

Brittley Black would instigate intentional group fun in the form of varied drug/ alcohol abuse, womanizing and laughs. Mr. Black was widely quoted in the East Bay Band Calendar as saying, “This band is a total failure, and that’s a success to me.”

After Brittley’s return to Crime in early 1980, the band took a hiatus until October, 2007 when a failed Fab Mab reunion brought The Next back together.