Caverns, led by New York’s own Nicola Wincenc, has quickly become known as one of the must see acts in the vibrant and diverse NYC music scene.

Shortly after their arrival on the scene they caught the attention of three time Grammy winning producer Warren Riker (Lauryn Hill, Down, Sublime).

It was with Warren that the band was able to find its distinctive full sound and beautifully poetic aggression that their fans have come to love.

Word quickly began to spread about their infectious live show and the refreshing feeling that rock is far from dead… fact it’s being reborn.

In early 2019, globally respected Golden Robot Records felt the exact same way, as they fell in love with the band.

Caverns would soon be signed to their first deal.

The world is eagerly anticipating Caverns’ official debut in 2020.

Atwood Magazine has described them as an  “…authentically raw and cinematic listening experience.”

Look out for Caverns debut EP and singles out across the globe in 2020 on Golden Robot Records.

Caverns are currently on tour smashing crowds across the USA.