Stepping Stones is the debut solo release from 2017 Golden Guitar finalist Dani Young. A catchy, upbeat country track, the song sounds like if Paul Kelly and The Lumineers wrote the soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western film. Featuring a cowboy whistle track, moody vocals and a deceptively joyful beat, the lyrics touch on regional and rural depression particularly among young people.

Drawing on her own experience living in the remote town of Alice Springs, Dani wrote Stepping Stones on a Sydney bus. “ I was stuck in traffic on a Sydney bus, having freshly moved back to the city after a few years in the outback and I realised I still hadn’t escaped that feeling of being stationary while everyone else was

moving on to better things around me.

”Stepping Stones was produced by Golden Guitar and former Australian Idol winner Damien Leith, and mixed by Shane Nicholson. Leith said,“ Stepping Stones is spaghetti western meets country… its a cool sort of song. You feel happy when you listen to it even though the lyrics aren’t as cheerful. It lures you into a false sense of security because you’re tapping along, singing along, but then when you hear what its actually about, its got some deep lyrics too. I love the way this one turned out.”