Isaac Kennedy (Distro only)

Somebodyis the brand new country rock single from Brisbane-based Isaac Kennedy, out now across digital platforms and distributed through Social Family Records.

One of the most wanted hired guns in the Brisbane music scene and rocking up to gigs with his favourite gold top Les Paul, Isaac Kennedy has been labelled “The most Rock & Roll guitarist in the biz” playing for artists on tour and country music festivals such as Tamworth, Gympie Muster and Groundwater.

Kennedy’s signature country flair has evolved throughout the years, creating a unique style of songwriting. His ability to create catchy tunes that are both memorable and enjoyable are a distraction to the fact he makes it look so easy.

The new single, Somebody, is a song about love and companionship during uncertain times, with uplifting melodies and crunchy guitars. It shares a reassuring message that no matter what you go through, you can always count on love.