Route 33 (Distro only)

Route 33’s album, Coro Drive, which was released on August 9, 2019, distributed through Social Family Records, debuted at #1 on the ARIA Australian Albums chart.

Also taking out #26 on the ARIA all-genres album chart, the record achieved #2 ARIA Country album and #7 ARIA Australian album on this week’s chart.

To find out the initial success of ‘Coro Drive’ is overwhelming to say the least. To be in ARIA charts both country and All genres with worldwide stars that we look up to and are the reasons we are always striving to better ourselves and the music we create, is an unexplainable feeling. The support we have gotten from fans not only this week, but during each of the three single releases off this album has been overwhelming and we are forever grateful!” – Trent McArdle (Route 33).

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Coro Driveis the second studio album from the Brisbane-based duo, the 11-tracker recorded at Red Engine Studios and co-produced by award-winning producers, Steve James and Andrew Cochrane, who brought some impressive talent to the table to encourage a rock/mainstream sound without losing the country influence.

The title represents a special place and numerous memories that have shaped the pair’s musical journey. Coro Drive is an abbreviation of Coronation Drive, which is not only the major thoroughfare for the western suburbs of Brisbane and a street Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes grew up on, it is also the state road ‘Route 33’ and where the band name came from.

Trent and I spent a lot of our time on this street growing up, chasing girls and drinking at the bars, speeding tickets when we first got our licenses to now, for me, my office is on this street,” says Barnes.

Coro Drive is an accumulation of both of the music genres the boys grew up on. Country music for Jock and 90s rock for Trent, with their influences clearly obvious throughout the record.  But every song is different and the merging of 90s rock and country music, making their mark, different to the norm.

Track Listing:

Get Over You

Showing Off



Hands of Time

In Stereo

Take the Lead

Laid Back and Lazy

I Know You Know

Sometimes a Whisper

Heaven High


Kicking off 2021, they’re back with a brand new single, She Knows What She’s Doing, out now!

The new track is an easy listening summer vibe that pushes the edge of modern country music while still having that Route 33 hint of 90s nostalgia, produced by Andrew Cochrane.

It’s a song about the power a girl has over a guy and the fact that the guy can see it unfolding in front of him, but doesn’t have the power to stop himself from being drawn in. Although he sees the signs and knows her every move, he follows the breadcrumbs she leaves, knowing full well where it ends, but loving every moment of her and what’s she’s doing.

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