Sydney based combo The April Family have been quietly working away, building a name and a steady body of work since forming in 2015. Featuring the soulful twang of the enigmatic Kylie Whitney on lead vocals, the blistering skills of Casey Atkins on lead guitar and backing vocals, and the production and all rounder abilities of Michael Carpenter on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, the band developed a sound that fused Classic Country with the timeless colours of West Coast American Country Rock.

The band formed on the back of live shows supporting Whitney’s debut solo album from 2015. Carpenter produced that album, and drafted his friend Atkins into the live band for showcase gigs. The trio hit it off well, so when Carpenter and Whitney decided to form a band that was more “country music based”, they insisted that Atkins be part of the adventure.

The band went straight into writing and recording, developing a sound as they went, based on the records they loved and their strengths as musicians and harmony singers. They didn’t perform as an ensemble until their debut single “1943” was released, landing them a #2 on the iTunes singles chart, with national airplay on radio and TV. The follow up “You’re Someone That I Never Knew” achieved a similar result, as well as charting in several national charts. All the while the band continued to refine itself as a live entity, while continuing to record the debut album.

“What We Know Now”, was released in May 2017. With strong reviews and four well received singles, the album showcased the band’s varied songwriting, with hints of traditional country, blues, rockabilly and country rock, and high production values. By the time of the East Coast tour to support the album, the band had developed a compelling live show, based around accomplished musicianship, tight three part harmonies and the presence of front person Whitney.

The live performing experience has further defined the band’s sound, leading to the writing and recording of their second album, due for release late in 2018. With a focus on a leaner approach, showcasing a more ‘ensemble’ sound, and the writing from Carpenter and Whitney becoming more refined and deliberate ‘The band has kicked into a higher gear with a clearer focus and more ambitious aesthetic. Armed with a unique series of music videos to accompany the single and album releases, the album promises to show a maturity and intent that will lift the band to the next stage of their journey in the Australian Country Music scene.