About Us

Golden Robot Global Entertainment is a global brand that prides itself on being home to some of the best well known and up and coming artists and bands in the world. 

Starting as just a single label a few years ago, GRGE has expanded quickly to meet demand and now has nine worldwide labels spanning a multitude of genres and styles.

Our teams work all around the world in PR , Marketing , Distribution  and artist development.

Our passion, drive and dedication is unmatched.

Our Labels

Our Labels

Golden Robot Global Entertainment has nine international record labels, discover the story behind the brand’s expansion into Rock , Punk, Country, Stoner Rock ,Alternative, Metal , Hip-hop and Indie and how we are leading the way worldwide with our very own independent approach and style that is achieving results globally.

Golden Robot Records

Golden Robot Records has signed a star-studded roster of rock greats, a brilliant mix of up and comers, and those already making their mark in the global music scene. Over the past few years, we have worked hard to release albums, EPs and singles from some of the world's best bands, and GRR is leading the way forward for rock and roll in 2020. 

Golden Robot Records sets itself apart from other labels with Its unique and focused approach.

Simply put, we’re old-school when it comes to looking after out bands and artists with a personal touch, and new-school in our proven expertise and knowledge of the modern marketplace and our understanding of the ever changing digital market place. 

When we release albums, both physical and digital worldwide, we’re backed by global teams of the best in the industry , GRR is a label with purpose, passion and drive . We dare to be different and to push the boundaries , we think outside the box and we are not afraid to take risks. Golden Robot Records is based in Los Angeles , California.

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Social Family Records

Social Family Records is an independently minded record label living life on the fringes and working to the beat of our own drum - and a few banjos - with focus on Country, Alt Country/Americana, Adult Contemporary, and more. 

We feature some of the best artists in their genre based in Australia , USA and Europe.

All Social Family Records releases are distributed physically by Universal Music  and on all digital platforms worldwide via The Orchard (Sony). Social Family Records is based in Sydney , Australia.

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Riot Records

The alternative rock and punk arm of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment machine, Riot records is a young label forging the way forward in 2020. The label’s unconventional roster is host to some great emerging punk and rock talents, alongside the old-school punk legends that have nothing to prove. We are committed to taking our Riot Records roster to a global stage. With a growing roster of the worlds best in this genre, this is one label to watch. Riot Records is based  in Sydney , Australia.

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Die Laughing Records

DLR joined forces in 2020 with Golden Robot Global Entertainment to take their artists, music and ethos to the world via GRGE's huge infrastructure and music knowledge.

Die Laughing Records was established in 1988, in the San Francisco Bay Area, by local punk rock legend Dave Dalton, who was later joined by music veteran Rob Trisler, and A&R Jillian Elizabeth. Some of the best punk music and projects have been released from DLR with the team working  hard to keep the scene relevant and fresh in the U.S. and abroad.

DLR’s addition and alignment within the umbrella of Golden Robot Global Entertainment’s family of labels and global partners give the world an incredible new powerhouse label with roots in punk, hardcore and heavy rock. Die Laughing Records is based in Sacramento , California.

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Scratches Records

Sydney Hip-Hop icon P.Smurf (Lorenz Prichard/formally co-owner of Big Village Records) and Mark Alexander-Erber from international powerhouse Golden Robot Records, join forces to establish the independent Hip Hop label; Scratches Records.

Once the name of P.Smurf's parent's record store situated on King Street, Newtown from 1982-1993, the story unfolds in 2019 with the union of the label's other founding member Sam Clouston (Scratches Visual art director, Street artist), a tight crew of artists and musicians, plus talented label mates offering a diverse pool of creatives throughout the label. The current roster consists of P.Smurf, Otherside, Fresh Violet, Hi Trax, Chris Munky , Billie Rose & DJ Cost, and is growing rapidly. Our main aim is to take these incredibly talented Australian artists to the world. Scratches Records is based in Sydney , Australia.

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Bread and Butter Records

Community Minded. Artist First. For the Lovers.

Golden robot global entertainment’s youngest label, Bread & Butter Records has an indie/alternative focus, and a roster that reflects their diverse and unique brand with bands in the US, UK and Australia.

Bread & Butter believes in the strength of music and its ability to bring people together. With this forever in mind, we pledge to do our part in fighting the good fight. When you buy a Bread & Butter Record, you’re donating to a charity of the artists choice. When you’re wearing a Bread & Butter tee, you’re helping us help those who really need it.

Because, we know, community is the Bread & Butter of the music industry.

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Coffin and Bolt Records

Coffin & Bolt Records set's the benchmark for hard working, roll your sleeves up heavy rock bands with a stoner vibe. Rooted deeply in a punk rock attitude and flexing the muscle of the riff, we will only feature bands that live and breathe our ethos and proudly take their music to the world based in Colorado , USA.

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Crusader Records

Heavy Metal... the illegitimate bastard son of early Rock And Roll and Blues has remained a driving force in music since the day it reared its ugly head. Blistering guitar histrionics with razor sharp vocals and attitude to shatter the eardrums of anyone within striking distance! Couple all that with a rabid and loyal fanbase, Heavy Metal is a genre of music that refuses to die and yield no matter what the musical landscape is at any given moment.

Crusader Records was spawned to nurture, curate and bring you the best young talent on a global scale. We live and breathe the Metal ethos and we will join forces with the artists on our label to bring you loud, hard and fast music that will stand the test of time. Crusader Records is based in Los Angeles , California.

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X-Ray Records

X-Ray Records is the distribution  branch of the Golden Robot family.  X-Ray is the home to the bands we help distro their product to the world. The Label provides a range of Artist services, powered by the Golden Robot engine globally.

Depending on what the project needs, X-Ray provides expertise and assistance in distribution, merchandise support, industry advice and PR servicing.

X-Ray Records is here to help get their music heard globally.

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