Rock N Food Episode 5 Featuring Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band)

Glenn Shorrock is an Australian legend who has been involved with some incredible bands, but most importantly Little River Band who has sold over 35 million albums world wide and toured with some of the biggest bands in in the world like The Eagles / Fleetwood Mac and the like.

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Rock N Food Episode 5 Featuring Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band)
About the Show

Golden Robot Global Entertainment is always thinking outside the box and creating different ways to market and promote its bands and artists across all of its labels. So we’ve launched a film and TV production division to handle the many ideas we’vebeen developing.

This arm of the business will promote and market our artists and their music in new and unique ways. For our inaugural project we’ve developed a TV series called Rock ‘n’ Food where our artists and bands showcase their favourite bar, café or restaurant anywhere in the world. They take us on a culinary journey of their favourite dish, their best fast food experience, why they love food, its importance in their daily lives and why food always reminds them of home, or better still, when they were kids. We also discover new things about their music, their history and how their success, and failures, have shaped them.

This brand new concept is currently being filmed on location in Sydney and LA with five episodes now finalised. This fly on the wall concept is hosted by our CEO and founder, Mark Alexander-Erber, and he brings his unique relationship with each artist onto the screen. Rock ‘n’ Food is a new way to have a sneak peek into the lives of your favourite rock stars. It brings a unique perspective, developed for your enjoyment.