Ella Fence

Ella Fence is an artiste who would rather make own trail than follow a pre ordained path.

Ella’s music has historically explored a diverse range of genres, embracing what most of the music business sees as an impossibly wide variety of sonic shadings.

Along with being a musical shape shifter, aesthetically, Ella morphs stunningly into a myriad of alter egos from chanteuse come femme fatale to sleek, fiery and alluring.

While many record labels stand sentinel like guarding a creative cultural tire fire, Ella despite being ghosted by one dimensional conservative gate keepers of the music business , continues making mesmerisingly charismatic music.

While Ella can genuinely lay claim to outsider status Ella is  proud to announce she’s partnering with no nonsense. 

Cut to 2021 - Take no prisoners music company, Golden Robot Records.

Golden Robot Records are hustle meets business savvy. They are the wonderfully unpredictable new flag bearer of Ella Fence career. Ella has signed to the international renegade label knowing it’s an organisation that creates a balanced and centred approach to music and more so posses a magpies eye for talented and enduring artistic cage rattlers.

Golden Robot Records , Founder and President - Mark Alexander - Erber and Ella Fence are a formidable team, a combination whereby the relationship of extraordinary musicianship collides with a creative and authentic business partner.

GRR promise a long term personalised artistic experience in an unapologetically demanding and passionate industry. Golden Robot Records are renegades. A company that has voluminous folds of music business scar tissue, these are  wounds from the industry frontline.

GRR’s history as a label is steeped in the tradition of Rock N Roll central. A home to artistes who practice art and excess. A haven for guitars as opposed to auto tuned clueless hipsters. At GRR it’s not a crime of civil disobedience to play a guitar bang drum, cause a racket or create a stir. It’s a label where the magnificence of music and creative youth culture is extended…not extinguished.

GRR as an organisation also proudly boasts a series of “sister” labels , nine in total including a much loved and successful  Alt/Country  “Social Family Records” which has been acknowledge by industry pundits as imaginative and influential.

While most of the music industry parade pigeon breasted positioning themselves as torch bearers of the innovative. The fact remains the business for close to two decades despite its posturing does not cope with creative surprises. More so, they prefer safe and comfortable, happily taking the path of least resistance selling jingles as opposed to songs.

Golden Robot Records and Mark Alexander - Erber have resisted the cookie cutter formulas and computerised pre fab sounds, the preferred M.O of GRR’s peers. The label avoids the blow dried celebrities, the hyper filtered photo shopped teenage party people who are all selfies and tweets rather than artistic merits. This mindless youth market has its own inbuilt obsolescence, zero durability.

Ella Fence recognises by signing with GRR, together they become agents of influence, both artiste and label following their own musical compass, beginning an artistic journey enveloped in life’s rich pageantry, a narrative of authentic human experiences.

Ellas sound and style in keeping with GRR image will be tougher and decadent and it’s this unadulterated reality where the music developed and created will rise, transcending trivialities and the mind numbingly banal.