If you were lucky enough to see Melbourne band Horsehead sometime between 1992 and 2000, chances are you’re a “Horseheadonist” – one of the band’s passionate fans. Horsehead live was an unforgettable experience. As rock historian Ian McFarlane, the author of The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop, noted, “everything was delivered with great force and conviction”.

It was a remarkable trip.

Showcase gigs for Madonna in the US. In the studio with Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Cult), Sylvia Massy (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and legendary Australian producer Tony Cohen. Sharing management in the US with Kiss. Tours with Metallica, Live, Alice Cooper, The Angels and Midnight Oil. Plus three acclaimed albums – 1993’s self-titled set, 1996’s Onism and 1999’s Goodbye Mothership – and one EP, 1997’s The Golden Cow Collection.

Horsehead wrote their first single, ‘Oil and Water’, about their initial American experience. Art and commerce: some things don’t mix.

But the Horsehead legacy is being lovingly preserved by Golden Robot Records, with a box set of their entire catalogue, plus live recordings , lost recordings and rarities. All released in 2019 – the 20th anniversary of their final album.

All original 5 x Horsehead members are involved with this project to finally put a nice big bow around their incredible legacy and history.


November 1st 2019 saw the pre-order and pre-sale of the Legacy Boxset on Vinyl for the first time (7 x albums spread across 12 x coloured limited edition vinyls) including ELECTRIC, SHARKING and OTHER SIDES and the original albums, PLUS a swag of extras including a 24 x page booklet and tote bag, available in two versions plus merchandise.

Go to Golden Robot Records Store to purchase a limited edition Boxset ASAP as they are selling fast as their numbers are limited and rare.


Friday, September 24th 2021:Corner Hotel - 8.30pm - Richmond, Australia - Tickets

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