​Jesus And The Dinosaurs

Record Label: Die Laughing

Fairfield, CA

The Band is:

Brian - Vocals/Guitars Keyboards

G - Bass/Vocals

Mic - Drums/Vocals

​Jesus & the Dinosaurs are a psychedelic garage punk trio from Fairfield California. They been around California/Nevada for the past couple of years, playing up and down California and Nevada. 

The lineup consists of Brian on guitar and lead vocals. G on bass, and Mic on drums and backing vocals.

They have a blend of proto-punk guitar ton of reverb with stripped down vocals, infectious bass grooves and hard driving drums. There love for American hardcore and post punk and love for classic garage 60’s rock ala Pebbles/Nuggets music. 

They blend all of those influences into there music and live shows. Think MC5, The Stooges, Velvet Underground meets Los Saicos, Eskorbuto… Quote “We are all of Hispanic decent, and we play as many songs in English as we do in Spanish” Even mixing in Spanish covers of classic Stooges and Ramones tunes. They play fast, they play loud and they have a lot of fun! 

2020 will be and exciting year for Jesus and The Dinosaurs writing and recording for a new records all while having a blast touring!