Scarlet’s Way (Distro only)

Scarlet’s Way have already travelled a long way to carve out their name. From Western Australia to East Nashville, and many stops along the way, they have done some miles recently. But given their hunger to perform, this journey has a long way to go!

The super-smooth duo is made up of the talented Katey Gabel (Lead Vocals) and highly regarded Shayne Savic (Guitar). Their trademark southern, roots-inspired brand of music brings lashings of Americana, accompanied by polished overtones synonymous with modern day Nashville.

A vibrant neon glow with live music pumping onto a crowded street, Scarlet’s Ways new single, Move Your Body, is a salute to Nashville’s honky tonk highway - a rockin’ night out…and the morning after.

Get Move Your Body (Woah Oh Oh) here: