A 90’s child with a micro-chip on her shoulder.
Escaper of death and stereotypes.
Toured the world in a rock band.
Leading role in a Flume video.
Run over by a ten tonne truck scratch free and the motorbike died.
Found salvation in electronica with the jilted generation.
Lover of space and dimensional travel.
Frequenter of the future.
6 out of 9 lives left.
Don’t ask questions but you can come if you want to.

Go to Spotify or Itunes and have a listen to this EP and to what could very well be one of those hidden gems that will be part of your music collection for years to come.

She Shinjuku was the brain child of KJ from The Art , due to many circumstances the concept band never moved passed the concept stage although we did release the EP , Golden Robot Records was proud to be involved , not every project works but for us its about supporting Australian musicians in there quest for exploration of musical ideas and She Shinjuku was one of those.