**Trauma **

Formed after one 45 minute jam in a lounge room in the southern suburbs of Sydney then straight into an eight hour recording session,  Trauma have appeared on the Sydney underground scene with a heavy lofi, doom, punk scum, fuzzcore, satanic bong lunged onslaught.

Channelling the evil spirits of Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Black Sabbath, Bolt Thrower, Dark Throne and Cathedral, TRAUMA are an unsettling, bass heavy, slow, menacing outfit with the ability to raise the dead.

Lead by guitarist JP from Sydney occult band CRISIS CULT and harsh noise act MILAT, also featuring Kristy on bass, (The Flaps, Excessive Force), Rust T on drums (Loose Unit, Rooted), and newly joined multi instrumental Renee who fronted late 90s Canberra hardcore band MUGSHOT on keyboards and drones (Mugshot, Dirty Slutz). The line-up is completed by the blood gurgling vocals of crazy man Luke Sledge who currently fronts Sydney punk bands Grim and Loose Unit.

TRAUMA will soon be hitting the studio with engineer Dereck Turner (Throwdown) and are happy to announce they will be releasing an EP later in the year on Riot Records.