Formed in mid-2022 on the outskirts of Melbourne, Dirt Road Wave have already managed to carve out a tone of their own which is an amalgamation of many Australian garage bands before them. Brought up on a solid dose of late 80’s early 90’s pub punk rock that still resonates today in their sound, like a horn across a harbour.

Karsten Poll on guitar (Suiciety, Siltman) gives the band its riff-laden sound with a mix of proto-punk, blues rock, and a hint of stoner. He brings plenty of experience with him under his guitar strap.

Iain McNicol, lead vocalist was drafted by guitarist Karsten as a rookie off the neighbouring streets for his musical ear and socially conscious/observational lyrics with a delivery to match.

The Gibson brothers provide the rhythm section with David on bass (The Marzies, Wilful Damage) and Michael the band’s solid beat keeper on drums (Filthy Habits, Hoe Down Five).

After jamming together in their formative years, then playing in separate bands through the 90s and 2000s, the boys are excited as a ‘dog with two dicks’ to be finally rocking together.

Their obvious intuition makes for a powerful tempo complimented by a forcible bottom end.

Having just recorded a bunch of new songs with producer/engineer Redro Redriguez, the band are excited to join forces with Golden Robot Records to release their debut album later in 2024.