Formed in 2009 in the vibrant punk scene of South East Queensland, Australia, the Kombi Killers emerged as a powerful force in the underground music community. With their high-energy performances and unapologetic lyrics, the band quickly gained a reputation for their fierce dedication to punk rock principles and their relentless pursuit of social and political change.

At the core of the Kombi Killers’ sound and vision are the five passionate individuals who make up the band.

Stephen Ingram, with his commanding stage presence and raw vocal style, takes charge of the lead vocals, driving the band’s message home with his passionate delivery.

Steve Langford’s guitar work brings a gritty, rebellious edge to the Kombi Killers’ music. Inspired by early Australian Punk and Rock. his distinctive riffs and solos capture the spirit of punk’s DIY ethos.

Alan Dyer’s guitar playing adds depth and texture to the band’s sound, creating a sonic landscape that reflects the band’s influences from both the British and Australian punk scenes.

Dave Small’s explosive drumming skills provide the backbone of the band’s sound, ensuring a driving rhythm that keeps audiences on their feet.

Completing the lineup is Adam Markovich, whose pulsating basslines resonate through each song, providing the necessary foundation for the band’s anthemic sound.

Together, these five individuals form a tight-knit unit that thrives on the raw energy and passion that punk rock embodies.

The Kombi Killers draw heavily from the early punk scene, taking inspiration from legendary bands they grew up with like Exploited, GBH, Black Flag, Discharge, Dead Kennedys. They also pay homage to their Australian roots, channelling the spirit of influential Australian punk bands such as Depression, X and the Saints to name a few

With their music, the Kombi Killers aim to revive the raw, rebellious energy of punk’s formative years while infusing it with a modern urgency.

Beyond their infectious melodies and raucous live shows, the Kombi Killers are driven by a deeper purpose. They see their music as a platform to shed light on the injustices prevalent in the political and social systems. Their lyrics tackle topics such as inequality, corruption, and the erosion of individual freedoms. By passionately articulating these issues through their music, they strive to inspire their audience to question the status quo and actively work towards a more equitable future for all.