Rose Tattoo

In the category of ́cult band Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile since 1976. Their raw style of blues rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm, along with the unmistakable voice of their front man, Angry Anderson, is what gives the fans a welcome feast in what is today a fast food orientated music business built around TV shows.

Their sound is hard rock mixed with blues rock influences, with songs including “Bad Boy for Love”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw”, “Nice Boys”, “We Can’t Be Beaten” and “Scarred for Life”.

Their first four albums were produced by Harry Vanda and George Young who also worked with AC/DC. They disbanded in 1987, subsequently reforming briefly in 1993 to support Guns N’ Roses on an Australian tour.

They reassembled again from 1998 and have since released two more studio albums.

One thing about Rose Tattoo is the band can take a punch and are full of vitality. They put every kick in the face behind them and still have the energy to carry on and deliver a new quality product. More than ever, with all that’s going on, we are finding humans of the world who need a voice and no one fills that gap better than the voice of Rose Tattoo.

According to Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane, Rose Tattoo are “one of the most revered bands of all time. The Tatts played peerless, street-level heavy blues with the emphasis on slide guitar and strident lyric statements”.

Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Guns, Keel, Nashville Pussy, Motosierra, Pud Spuke, Helen Schneider, and the Uruguayan band The Knight’s Night, have covered Rose Tattoo songs and on 16 August 2006, they were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame.

Six former members have died in recent years, including four of the original recording line-up; Dallas Royall (1991), Peter Wells (2006), Ian Rilen (2006), Mick Cocks (2009), and Lobby Loyde (2007), who was a member between October 1979 and September 1980, and Neil Smith (2013), who played bass temporarily prior to Loyde.

In late 2017 / early 2018 a brand new line up of Rose Tattoo embark on a triumphant European tour , In Angry’s words The wise amongst us have always said ”never say never” so with the spirit of that in mind..’here we go again!’.
I’m very excited to be going out again as Rose Tattoo, 100% adrenalin fuelled Aussie rock ‘n’ fucking roll, played in the traditional Aussie way with passion and total commitment to the moment.

As there is no permanent Rose Tattoo line up at the moment, until Demarco gets out of jail , I have assembled the finest bunch of rogues, worthy to wear the colours, to accompany me into the fray.

Dai Pritchard on slide of course, in my eyes he has no equal.
Second guitar is Bob Spencer, a monster of a player, one of the greatest players I have ever seen and has been a close friend, brother and ally for the past forty years.

Mark Evans on bass, his pedigree is enshrined in Aussie rock history.

Keeping the seat warm for Demarco is the legendary drummer Jackie Barnes (son of Aussie legend Jimmy) another monster of a player, together the boys and I will continue Rose Tattoo’s legacy.

You the loyal supporters and you the newly found friends deserve nothing but the best and that’s just what you will get.

The Tatts are backed all the way by Golden Robot Records with the release of Live in Brunswick in 2017 followed by a remastered version of Blood brothers in 2018 and a new box set called Scarred for live featuring some iconic concerts from 1980 to 1982.

Golden Robot Records re-released the highest selling Tatts album of all time, aka Angry Anderson’s first solo album - a remastered version of Beats of a Single Drum - in late 2019.

Blood Brothers (Special Edition) is now on CD and limited edition remastered Blood Red vinyl via the Golden Robot Records Store.

2022 - watch this space - NEW Vinyl remastered edition - coming soon