Crossing the world to deliver Australian Rock to the shores of Canada, The Lazys have brought a storm with them to kick down doors and abuse authority. This storm is their latest album Tropical Harzards, a high octane, hell-raising rock ‘n’ roll riot. While sounding modern, The Lazys are a heavily retro rock band as singer Leon Harrison and lead guitarist Matty Morris have been paying their dues in garage bands and local acts since 2006. Big hair, black leather and rough tattoos all accompany a hard rock style that evokes Australian Rock legends like AC/DC and The Angels.

Having signed with Golden Robot Records in 2018, The Lazys and their latest album Tropical Hazards are ruthlessly ascending the Canadian rock scene. With high-voltage riffage, fast bass and thunderous drums, their latest album is diverse enough to have a broad appeal, but deeply rooted in Australian stories that it offers something unique. Some tracks details the human side of their some 10 years on the road as performers, with relatable tales of heartbreak and relationships, while others explore personal emotions, bringing in their rebellious call to defiance. Other tracks draw on rich Australian folklore, such as opening track “Nothing But Trouble” as an ode to the Australian ‘raging bull’ rockstar.

“The image popped in my head of like a guy like Bon Scott,” says Leon. “Someone who never pushed it too far, but definitely gave it a good knock.”

With the release of Tropical Hazard, the band’s rock odyssey is taking them across Canada as one of the country’s best live acts.

“I want people to leave feeling entertained,” says Matty. “I want them to leave thinking that was the best rock show they’ve ever seen. To leave sweaty, dirty, horny!”

Leon Harrison - Vocals

Matty Morris - Lead Guitar

Glenn Williams - Bass

Liam Shearer - Rhythm Guitar

Andy Nielsen - Drums