Through n Through are a band of Mexican/Latin American decent, hailing from the south-side Chicago neighborhood known as Little Village/La Villita.  

The band started off as a heavy hardcore band in 2014, but always had metal influences and within recent years, they’ve decided to further steer their music in that direction. Through n Through focuses on writing about the struggles they witness in their neighborhood such as poverty, police brutality, gangs, corrupted street politics and more personal topics like domestic violence and addictions.  

With this new direction of more traditional heavy metal influences, the band is writing in a style that resembles story-telling, after all what’s not metal about the neighborhood that has influenced them?  

The music fits well with the message and aggression that is much needed to grab the attention of people who are aching to let rage out. Through n Through are proud of their Latin heritage, their community and their brand of hardcore heavy metal! This is La Villita Metal!  

Through n Through has always toured and released music without any label support but are now seeking to branch out to more than just their community/city. In 2023, the band signed with Riot Records / Golden Robot Records.