Vessel is about thundering drums, powerful riffs, and a voice you will never forget.

The band emerged back in early 2018 in Tel-Aviv (Israel) aka the city that never sleeps, to cover their greatest influences of hard rock and heavy metal. Soon after, they committed to playing their own original material.

Through Vessel, Bruno, Ariel, Mark and Mor found themselves in the journey of modernizing the old school heavy metal we all love.

They believe hard rock and metal took a wrong turn somewhere in history, and they are on their way to straighten the wheel and make their old idols proud.

Vessel is made for all fans of hard rock music, being influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, WASP, AC/DC, Dio, Sabbath, Maiden and all the classics!

This is just the beginning of the story, the beginning of Rock n Roll’s history rewriting.


Vessel is:

Bruno V. Passy (vocals) from the depths of Brazil

Ariel Maman (guitars) from the hot lands of Spain

Mark ‘Deadfish’ Preis (bass) from southern Brazil

Mor Harpazi (drums) from the desert of Israel.