San Jose’s Dolores is a band that’s been making waves in the California hardcore community for some time now. Founded by guitarist Joey Ruiz and vocalist Leo Lopez; they would go on to play in one form or the other with different members, until they solidified their line up with bassist Luis Chevere and drummer Jordan Albano during the summer of 2020. Together, they’ve been relentlessly hitting the road, playing weekend runs across multiple states and garnering a devoted following along the way.

Blending the aggression of hardcore with metallic elements, Dolores has crafted a sound that’s both chaotic and captivating. Their music hits like a dozer driven by Bay Area Thrash inspired riffage, groove laden breakdowns, and ferocious lyrical deliveries. With four EPs already in their arsenal, including their breakout release “Gutter Gospel,” Dolores has been perfecting their sound, refining their songwriting, and pushing their creative boundaries.But Dolores is not content to rest on their laurels. With their recent release ‘This Side of the Dirt,’ the band is poised to take their music to new levels. Their growing fanbase is eagerly awaiting what Dolores has in store next, as the band continues to captivate audiences with their electrifying live performances and genre-defying music. Dolores is a band that’s leaving their mark on the hardcore scene and beyond, and their journey is just getting started.