Eric Ezra is a one man band from Chicago. Eric started playing music at young age and played guitar and drums in grunge and metal bands through out high school and college. But he started recording his own music in 2020. After a few failed attempts at making music with vocals Eric decided to play instrumental music with his first album Tracers. It is mostly rock but there are some synth parts mixed in. Then after recording another rock album called Frozen in Place Eric started experimenting more with synthesizers.

In 2021 Eric Ezra got signed to his first label Super Face Records. His initial release was a 3 song EP that was his first attempt at making synth rock music. He eventually left the label in 2022 and released an all electronic album called Brain Waves and then a more rock oriented album with some keyboards called Omit.

In 2023 he started out the year releasing his 5th album Animatronics which was focused on synthesizers but still included guitars as the main melodic element. Then a few weeks later he signed with Stay Venomous records which published two albums and an EP in 2023. The EP was called Processed and it was a turning point in Eric’s career as his music became very bass driven and started to take a solid form that has become his signature style. The albums that followed were Unsung and Amphibian. Both of which are his most developed recordings up to that point.

After spending a fair amount of time making rock music Eric Ezra has found his own sound which is built upon electronic bass grooves and distorted lead guitars. However, after using live drums for awhile he has started using midi drums instead to give the music an even more electronic feel.