EVERSUM, a dynamic metal band born in 2018 and relentless in their pursuit of musical innovation. Their journey began with the thunderous release of “Portrayer Of Evil” in 2021, followed by the incendiary EP “Baptized In Fire” in 2023, featuring a powerhouse collaboration with Mao Kanto of the Mexican metal band, S7N, in the song “Flawless Damnation” and guided by the visionary producer Lalo Carrillo drummer of the iconic Mexican metal band, Agora!

EVERSUM’s sonic odyssey blends diverse styles and techniques, forging a uniquely dark and devastating sound that captivates audiences, drawing them deep into the music itself. With a live presence that commands attention, EVERSUM has graced stages alongside legends like John 5, Angra, The Iron Maidens, Tim Ripper Owens, Paul Dianno, and Heretoir.

EVERSUM invites you to immerse yourself in their world. Do you dare to experience it?

Vocals and Guitar: Héctor Soto.
Lead Guitar: Gabriel Sasson.
Drums: Juan Pablo Rentería
Bass: Luis Reynoso