Gaslight Puppet Show are a new Australian band formed in Canberra, they have been busy over the last eighteen months recording their debut album ‘Esoterica’ as well as the recently released single ‘Speeding Light’

They have created a melodic myriad of soundscapes with enigmatic lyrics in a rock format. The band members are local regulars in the Canberra music scene who have previously collaborated with former church drummer Richard Ploog and have come together as a new band with Richard Burgman from the Sunnyboys and enhanced further by the talented sonic production of David Pendragon.

Their artistic merit will be sure to astound the listener on their much anticipated debut album and single, with one of the biggest musical impacts of the year with new and innovative sound.

Band members left to right:
Dave Cina - Keyboards, vocals
Richard Burgman - Guitar
Richard Ploog - Drums, vocals
Goo Cee - Guitar, vocals
Andrew Brown - Bass guitar