Gaslight is like a wild dog unleashed, Gaslight tears through the rock scene with a ferocity born from Melbourne’s strictest lockdowns. This new yet unmistakeably seasoned rock trio has sent the city’s music pulse racing once again. Gaslight’s journey began with Ivan Beecroft, a drummer turned guitarist and vocalist, whose musical roots dig deep into the anarchic soil of punk rock. During his high school days, Ivan unleashed his fervor with SicBoy, covering tracks from seminal punk bands like Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys. His evolution from drummer to frontman saw him release “The Cynical Express” in 2020, an album that clawed its way to number 4 on Canada’s iTunes rock charts and birthed the sub-genre of cynical rock.

Mark Norton, inspired by Ivan’s early performances, embarked on his own musical voyage, weaving through the worlds of rock and metal as a drummer. His rhythms have powered numerous bands, crafting a style that’s both explosive and intricate.

The final piece of Gaslight’s puzzle, Nikk Kourmouzis, met Ivan in a scene that could only be described as quintessentially Australian - a gig at the Ettamogah Pub. Nikk, a seasoned bass and keyboard player, brought with him a rich tapestry of experiences, having supported iconic 80s bands like Pseudo Echo, and absorbing influences from legends such as The Who and Deep Purple.

Reunited and fuelled by a shared passion to perform, Ivan, Mark and Nikk decided on the evocative name Gaslight inspired by the classic film. The trio didn’t waste time. They crafted their first set of songs and planned their live debut for 2024. Gaslight’s sound is a vibrant cocktail of musical eras and styles. Imagine the raw energy of 70s punk rock and 90s grunge, blended with the heavy riffs of metal and the melodic undertones of 80s rock, all delivered with the punch of live performance. This fusion not only defines their unique sound but also showcases the diverse mastery of its members. As for the future, Gaslight is more than ready to electrify stages and captivate audiences. With plans to tour extensively, their performances promise to be a beacon for those craving the raw authentic vibe of rock music in its most dynamic form. So brace for impact as Gaslight is not just playing music, they are reigniting the flames of rock with every note they play.