Since 1991, Italian singer-songwriter, composer and musician, Lorenzo Gabanizza has been building a genre-crossing musical repertoire aimed at challenging listeners’ expectations of popular music.  

 Lorenzo’s love of singing began at an early age, and Christie’s music was an integral part of Lorenzo’s childhood as his first discovery of the English language came from the classics like Christie’s “Yellow River” and “San Bernadino.” He would sing them to his mother, who also adored Jeff’s music. When his mother passed away, in December 2020, Lorenzo reached out to Jeff for some closure, through a song that expressed his feelings of grief, regret, and acceptance. When Jeff heard the demo, he jumped on board to sing vocals. The song rocketed to #1 in South Africa and reached a multitude of Awards.  

Hot off the success of their first single together, “You’re Not There”, popular Italian artist Lorenzo Gabanizza and rock icon Jeff Christie released their anticipated second single, “I Guess I Am The Only One.” On this new song, the charismatic, hit-making duo bring two amazing vocal talents together to sing about love, inclusion and acceptance. Their catchy country song is about being grounded in who you are and believing in love even when others are trying to bring you down. The new single is even more successful than the first, reaching #7 in the UK Itunes Charts. In 2023, their latest single “I don’t want to live without you” consolidate their success reaching #4 in UK Itunes AC Charts and #1 for 3 weeks in the European indie Charts.