MAXILLA is a hard rock/heavy metal artist from the New York/Connecticut area (USA). She began her musical training at the young age of seven studying classical/operatic vocals. In high school, MAXILLA turned to contemporary vocals and picked up the electric guitar, training under Rob Thorne of power/thrash metal band Sacred Oath

She cites her father as the person who inspired her love of rock music. “My dad was the one that got me into rock music. I remember one day he sat me down and had me listen to all his favorite records: American Idiot, Nevermind, The Black Album, Jagged Little Pill, and so on. From then, I was hooked. I started getting into that punk and grunge music and eventually really got into metal.”

MAXILLA began writing music in 2018 and recording in 2023 at Angel Thorne Music Company. Her musical influences include Pat Benatar, Black Sabbath, Halestorm, Metallica, The Pretty Reckless, and Volbeat. MAXILLA approaches her own music through the lens of feminism. “I actually have a degree in anthropology, so there’s not a moment of the day when I’m not thinking about human rights and advocacy. The fight for women’s equality is the most important thing to me, so that experience is definitely reflected in my lyrics.”

Through her powerful vocals and intense rhythm guitar playing, MAXILLA brings forth a fresh yet nostalgic sound to both her recorded and live performances. MAXILLA’s music encompasses the beauty of female rage, pushing the boundaries of the male-dominated genre of rock & roll.

Golden Robot Global Entertainment will be releasing MAXILLA’s first EP, Cease Your Bleeding, under their label, Robot Distro