“Loud & Hard From Finland”

Hard rocking Finnish Serpico was formed in 2005. They’ve shared the stage with many notable rock legends inlcuding Geoff Tate (Ex-Queensryche), Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks & MM Band), Mad Juana .feat Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls), Andy McCoy (Hanoi Rocks, Iggy Pop band) and The 69 Eyes to name a few. Their energy has been captured on three full-length albums and an EP.

In 2019 Serpico started collaborating with internationally recognized Finnish music producer Anssi Kippo and that’s how energetic “The Chosen Four” album was born. Anssi Kippo is best known for his work with Finnish metal band Children of Bodom on their early albums.

In 2024 Serpico signed to Golden Robot Records and is currently working with platinum-selling producer Anssi Kippo on their follow-up to “The Chosen Four”. As its predecessor it too will be recorded on and mixed to magnetic tape. There will be no editing, no vocal tuning and no fake drum samples. The adrenaline-driven genuine rock has always been the essence of Serpico.

There has been rumours that Serpico will be the long-awaited savior of rock n’ roll!

“I’ve been a professional music producer for 30 years and both produced and engineered several gold and platinum-selling albums. Serpico stands out from the masses not only with great songwriting but especially as they are bringing the genuine feel of danger back to rock music. With the support of Golden Robot Records they have the opportunity to show their potential to the world.”

– Anssi Kippo, music producer/founder of Astia-studio


Vee Dour - Lead vocals
Snage - Guitars
Matt Gee - Bass
Jani Serpico - Drums