Hailing from New York City, Streetlight Circus has staked a claim as one of the most exciting bands among the current field of hard rock acts. With several acclaimed albums and a kinetic live show that has seen its audience grow by leaps and bounds, Streetlight Circus has become a reliable touring and festival staple. Crowds have been left sweaty and deliriously happy at clubs, theatres, and festival grounds after seeing this quartet burn through their high-intensity performances.

The band has collaborated with Grammy-winning producer Bob St. John and has attracted guest appearances on recordings from such rock luminaries as Tony Harnell (TNT), Brian Forsythe (Kix), Berton Averre (The Knack), Jesper and Jacob Binzer (D-A-D), and Jon Auer (The Posies).

The band’s 2022 release, ‘Super Fine Sugar’, saw Streetlight Circus receiving increased international radio airplay and garnering sparkling global reviews. In 2024, the band unveils ‘Kisses Like Bullets’, a four-song EP featuring blistering guitar work, undeniable hooks, soaring vocals, and a palpable energy that will have listeners returning again and again.

With one foot firmly planted in classic rock and one foot toe-tapping in the modern world, Streetlight Circus is ready to attract even more fans to its rock ‘n’ roll big top.