Ted Axe is part of Canadian Punk Rock history as the notorious and legendary frontman for The Action-“Canada’s First Punk Band”!

Opening for The Stranglers and chosen to tour with The Ramones, The Action garnered more press in one year than most self-respecting punk bands get in a lifetime and Ted became known as an entertaining provocateur and a powerful vocalist. The Action released one EP on Montreco Records containing their hit “TV’s On The Blink” and then in true punk tradition self-destructed.

Ted has led his own bands since then and has lived and performed in London, LA and Seattle eventually forming Sister Hyde there. and signing to Steel Heart Records in 2007.

With his new self-release ‘Sex, Violence, Horror’ produced by Rob Sanzo (Sum 41), Ted is getting world-wide radio-play and recognition. He is currently performing dates in Canada and The US.

Watch the music video for ‘Isolate’ by Ted Axe HERE

Purchase ‘Sex, Violence, Horror’ HERE

The Ted Axe Band is:
Ted Axe - Vocals
Marz - Lead Guitar
Derek Dark - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Amador Ash - Bass
Stefan Sinister - Drums